why choose Jacobs & Associates?

There are a staggering number of law firms to choose from - so why should you consider entrusting our firm with your legal needs? 

  1. Our commitment to excellence - we do not believe in rendering service that is simply sufficient, our minimum standard is excellence.
  2. Our prompt response time and efficient assistance - whilst we would never compromise on delivering the highest standard of legal expertise, we know that time is always of the essence. We give you the answers you need, when you need them most.
  3. Our unwavering integrity - Jacobs & Associates is a firm that upholds its integrity without compromise and that acts in the best interests of its clients without fail. 
  4. Our innovative approach - we offer a broad range of service options for you to choose from, with our innovative web platform of online services. In addition to a complementary 30 minute consultation that we offer for more complex matters (either via Skype or at our offices in Cape Town) , we have a host of virtual services to cater to the needs of individuals and corporates alike. We are passionate about making legal advice accessible, affordable and agile. 
  5. Our passion for mediation - the current legal system is at a breaking point. Courts are not coping with the strain of their caseloads, resulting in disputes being prolonged for months or years, at great cost to all parties concerned. Mediation is a quick, cost-effective and powerful tool for breaking deadlocks and accomplishing mutually beneficial outcomes. Jacobs & Associates offers internationally accredited mediation services, thereby providing our clients with an alternate means whereby their disputes may be resolved. In many instances this has helped our clients to a swift resolution of their matters, by avoiding the time-consuming, adversarial and costly process of litigation. 





prompt service

unwavering integrity

innovative approach