We deal with cases relating to all areas of labour law, including:

  • Unfair dismissal disputes - for employers and employees

  • Contracts of Employment and associated workplace policies

  • Representation at Arbitration hearings, Labour Court, Bargaining Councils, CCMA

  • Workplace Mediation

  • Chairing of Disciplinary enquiries

  • Retrenchment

  • Section 197 Transfers

  • Strikes and lock-outs

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace

  • All forms of discrimination in the workplace

  • Restraints of trade

  • Employment bonus schemes

  • Workplace investigations

Navigating South African Labour law can appear daunting - our aim is to simplify this process.

We provide advice quickly, insightfully and with the singular aim to understand what it is that you or your organisation wishes to achieve; our only goal is to advise you in a competent and timeous manner.

Jacobs and Associates has developed a niche service to international clients, whereby we assist foreign entities with their South African enterprises and de-mystify what can be a convoluted and multi-layered set of legislation that needs to be understood, adhered to and applied strategically so as to meet overarching business imperatives.

Our clients are eager to expand their investment in the local labour market but grapple with the complexity of the South African labour law - Jacobs & Associates strives to give these clients incisive, easily understood advice so that they can remain focused on their broader business objectives as opposed to being encumbered by the intricacies of our legal system.

Jacobs & Associates' global client base includes large corporations in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, all of whom trust our capabilities to provide them with labour law advice that is accurate, current and tailored to meet the specific imperatives of their organisations.

We also offer a bespoke contractual service, whereby we draft employment related documents that are in alignment with all of the latest South African labour law legislation but that simultaneously aim to encompass the unique challenges, goals and business nuances that each of our client's are faced with. 

In addition to corporate clients, Jacobs & Associates also selectively represents employees, most of whom are at an executive level, in order to assist with disputes that may arise in an employment context. We pride ourselves on our discretion, expertise and diligent commitment to our client's best interests - when a senior 'C-level' employee faces acrimonious disputes of this nature, we endeavour to provide advice that assists them to build a platform for their future whilst doing our utmost to attain justice for any unfairness they may have been subjected to in the past.

We represent clients in cases before the CCMA, Labour Court, Labour Appeal Court, High Court, Bargaining Councils and various Tribunals. We look forward to helping you.