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About our firm

Jacobs & Associates is a modern law firm that is dedicated to serving its clients with passion, integrity and innovation.

We believe that one of our great strengths our flexible approach, which enables us to adapt to each client’s particular needs and concerns.

We know that time is your most valuable resource. Good advice that takes too long to reach you is of no use. Receiving great advice timeously, so that you may implement it without delay? That is of true value, and that is what Jacobs & Associates consistently delivers. Our agility ensures that you get the answers you need, at the time when you need them the most.

Jacobs & Associates takes great pride in representing our clients with dedication and tenacity – your best interests are our chief priority. We are able to offer you a range of services that are of the highest calibre. it is our singular aim to provide you with insights that you can trust.



Employment Law, Commercial Mediation Specialist

Michelle Jacobs - Director, Jacobs & Associates

With a background in High Court commercial litigation, I have subsequently elected to specialise in employment law and alternative dispute resolution.

I find the ever-evolving nature of labour-related matters to be immensely stimulating, as employment law is never stagnant - its paradigms are perpetually changing. I have personally represented clients at the major employment law fora and continually strive to further my knowledge in order to ensure that the advice I dispense is relevant, innovative and compliant with the latest developments in case law and legislation.

Whenever taking new instructions, I endeavour to understand the precise context within which the particular dispute may have arisen, so as to further the strategic goals of each client to the fullest extent possible. 

To this end, I often draw upon my internationally accredited mediation and negotiation qualifications - wherever possible, I try to ensure that my clients are able to avoid the expense of lengthy, adversarial proceedings by assisting them to resolve their disputes amicably.

In conducting my practice, my aim is singular - to provide legal assistance that solves problems. My clients have come to depend upon my tenacity, legal acuity and unwavering commitment to representing them with integrity and professionalism.